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Essays of Diwali
Diwali is religious festival of India...

Brighten up This Diwali with diyas and candles. Diwali is associated with lights and illumination and hence aptly called as the festival of lights and prosperity, You must know about the Facts, Myths, Superstitions and Story Of Diwali Festival and know when this festival started. Diwali is Symbolized with lighting up the houses, streets, shops, temples with diyas and candles. Know more fun making Ideas about Diwali Day and Diwali Night to celebrate this historic festivity with fun of one month before preprations for Diwali.

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Diwali is a festival of light and prosperity wich synonymous with festive celebrations all over the world. The splendor of Diwali is so great that even non Hindus celebrate this Hindu festival with same fervor and enthusiasm as the Hindus do. In fact the preparation of Diwali celebrations begins on dusshera which comes twenty days before Diwali. People get their houses white washed and painted. Every corner of the house is cleaned to justify the piousness and serenity of the occasion. People goes for shopping. They buy decoratives, apparels, diyas, candles sweets, crackers anddiwali gifts for their near and dear ones. The actual celebration of Diwali is spread over five continuous days, where the third days is celebrated as the main Diwali festival or 'Festival of lights'. It begins on the thirteenth day of the Krishna paksha of the month of kartik and ends on the second day of its shukla paksha. On Diwali day people decorate their houses. For decoration they make use of wall hangings, Diwali torans, show pecies, fowers etc. rangpli and ulpna also forms an itegeral part of Diwali decoration. They visit their friends and relatives. Some times Diwali lunches and parties are als arranged.

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