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Diwali is a time to celebrate with your friends and family members the triumph of goodness over darkness. One can in fact, have a stupendous Diwali celebration both in traditional and modern manner possible. There are many aspects associated with the celebration of Diwali. How can one forget the legendary tale of Lord Rama defeating demon Ravana in a 10 day battle and taking back his abducted wife Sita away from there! This day is celebrated as Dusshera in India. When Lord Rama returned to his homeland Ayodhya, the day was celebrated with joy and fervor by people and it is known as Diwali, the festival of light.

When we were in school many a times we must have been asked to prepare essay of Diwali as homework or apart of assignment or exam. At that time, we used to learn the already prepared essays on Diwali by various authors. These essays focus on various issues related with Diwali celebrations like how Diwali is celebrated? What are the legends attached with Diwali? How to keep environment safe during time of Diwali? Pollution free Diwali? Five day long Diwali celebrations and many such ideas.

What if you are asked again to share your view points on the current Diwali celebrations as to what they were 10 years back? Would you be still interested in writing an essay on Diwali? Of course, this time it would be straight from your heart affair. You can write in anything about Diwali- from any view point.

You can write about how Diwali celebrations are the brightest of all the festival or you can share your view points about pollution caused by burning of crackers on Diwali night! As a matter of fact, why don’t you choose from any of the five days of Diwali celebrations to write about. You can mention tradition, customs and celebrations followed by you and your state on that day. India is a diverse country with diverse cultures. So there are bound to be different traditions and customs for every state on Diwali.

Here are the five days of Diwali :

First day-Dhanteras

On this day, people consider it auspicious to buy gold, silver and utensils. It also the day to initiate new projects, set marriage dates. It is the day of wealth and prosperity.

Second day- Roop Chaudas

On this day, people take a bath in Uptan [a homemade pack prepared especially with haldi and mutlani mitti].

Third day - Diwali

People pray to God Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi for their prosperity throughout the year.

Fourth day - Hindu New Year or harvest festival

Fifth day-Bhaiya Dooj

On this day sisters do tilak to their brothers and wish for their long lives.

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